26 December 2005

Ms. P's Christmas List

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I still hope you had a lovely weekend. We finally got through all of the interesting family get-togethers and we are DONE.

I have to share one of my favorite moments of the weekend. My youngest son and my daughter still believe in Santa. I think my daughter knows better, but she won't admit it yet. On Friday they came to me with lists for Santa. What was this? They had added to their lists and wanted to leave them for Santa by the fireplace.

I explained to them that Santa was loading up the sleigh and it was too late to ask Santa for more stuff. The Santa deadline for ordering was December 15th and he was way too busy to make more stuff.

My son bought this and was fine with it. My daughter sat there and argued with me. She wanted to add a pink violin (a horrible Barbie pink monstrosity) to what she wanted. What Santa already knew was that she wanted a Nintendo DS with Nintedogs - the chihuahua version - and Santa was smart enough to go ahead and pick up those at the beginning of December. I explained that what she had asked for was a "big" gift and that Santa was being generous bringing that.

She wasn't going for that. Oh no, the Nintendo was a small item so she should get two Santa gifts. I told her no, the DS was expensive and that it was a large gift from that perspective and that she should be happy with that.

"No, it can't be expensive. It's small and made by elves."

"Yes, it is still expensive for Santa to make because the elves still order the parts from the same place and Santa has to pay for licensing fees to reproduce the Nintendo DS."

"So Santa won't bring me the violin because he has to pay licensing fees."

"Yes. Why do you want a pink violin?"

"Because it will be fun to play! I could play it all of the time and get really good."

"I am sure you would play the violin really well if you tried and if you want to start playing the violin then why don't we get you a real one and you can take lessons."

"I want the Barbie violin."

"I will guarantee you that Santa will not bring you that. It's too late."

"Fine, I'll get it for Kwanza."


Jaime Schwarz said...

I want to congratulate your little daughter on not only out arguing you, which is always a joyous thing, (Asalakalakem my new African sister) but in doing so in such a way as to expose the banality of wannabe holidays just for the sake wanting to be a part of something you're not. Well, maybe she didn't do it consciously, but I got the point.

As a Jew who celebrates Christmas, I can relate, but you can tell her that I only get Christmas presents and have forfit my rights to Channukah presents because there are only so many presents that are made for all the children of the world every year, and if there are more Christmas presents one year, then there are fewer Channukah and Kwanza presents to make up for it, or so my mom assured me. See how that goes over if she or your son try it again next year. I guess I could say you can't be a Christian and a Jew, but I guess if you look at what I'm doing, I guess you can. Happy Kwanza!

crazyvirgo said...

sista's got it right FO SHO! that's amazing that her batering skills are so keen at such a young age. i think she has a future in wall street.

Jan Buckman said...

Hey, I think *I* want a Barbie violin!

Minerva said...

What a brilliant politician..Tell you what - it is only more backchat from here on in!

As for your comment on my blog, it made me laugh out loud which is quite a feat! Thank you darling...


Shopping Diva said...

Jaime, believe me when I say Peri is the queen of arguing and negotiating to get her own way! I am at a crossroads with her, how do I keep that spirit in her alive and blossoming and not throttle the crap out of her? I am so looking forward to her teenage years! She did ask about Channukah and if she got any presents - like there's a Channukah fairy and we hadn't noticed where she had put the gifts!

Virgo - Wall Street will probably be a back-up plan for the Queen Goddess Stardom she is currently planning to do when she grows up.

Jan - I promise - the Barbie violin is sad, sooo very sad!

Minerva - I am in love with the term "backchat" - it sounds so much more eloquent than what I normally say. I shall adopt that term immediately! And anytime I can make you laugh makes me so very happy! THANK YOU!

mabel said...

I love this child. She is SO your daughter, I predict you will have the funniest decade ahead of you. Funny to me at least! Just be sure to blog it all...