01 December 2005

Eggnog Latte Count

Grande - 9

Venti - 1

Days left to drink Eggnog Lattes - 24

Pounds gained - I don't even want to know!

Damn you Starbucks!


Piece of Work said...

Personally I prefer the Gingerbread Lattes. Equally fattening and costly, when I'm trying to keep our Christmas costs down this year!
Love your new holiday look!

RBrown said...

oh my GOOOODDDD - I loves me some eggnog latte! it ain't christmas til i have one. Please don't ever tell me the calories. It'll crush me (then again, my ass will be need t be crushed and compacted for continuing to drink them)

Try the peppermint hot chocolate.....deliishhhh!

greensunflower said...

I am an egg nog latte junkie... double tall almost everyday since Nov.1(the day they were released).

I have thought about looking up the calories, but then think I dont want depress myself.

Jaime Schwarz said...

OK, this in no way has to do with alcohol, or even faux-alcohol from starbucks, during the season of joy (is it wrong to want to crack open the scotch on 9:30 Sunday morning) but I just read this article in the NYtTimes I feel you might have wrote had you gotten to this point yet.


Just my attempt to share from one isn't-wasn't-and-never-will-be-mother to mother.

Wendy said...

I just had one (or 10) recently and omg, yum love - mouth joy! sooooo good! I am lol @ days left:24 - that will be a sad day!