17 April 2006

Just so I know

Hey - all parents out there on the interwebs with tweener kids. How many times did you listen to the High School Musical Soundtrack before your ears started bleeding?

Just curious.

Yay! My 100th Post

I should have thought about this. I pondered doing something spectacular as I was zipping down the highway after dropping off my kids at school. I tried to think of something brilliant.

Some ideas:

Pride & Prejudice
Why can't I stop watching this movie? I love and love and love it.

Why do I love this store so much? What is it about cheap knock-offs of fabulous lamps that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside? Is it the red walls and the smell of Starbucks that greets me as I walk in the door? Oh, absolutely. But I forgive them for putting me in a buying frenzy. And I shop with the masses.

Easter Bunny
He was lazy this year. And, apparently, cheap. I let the kids know that their attitude pissed him off and he may not come back next year.

I'm Tired
Yea, so is every other mom. So that just seems like whining.

What is 100th post worthy? I don't know. I'm just thrilled that I managed to blog twice in the same week!

I will work on something clever soon.