15 December 2005

Christmas Countdown

I feel like I am running around like a crazy woman and getting nothing done! I am both looking forward to Christmas and having it over with. Here's an update:

Bug - Still alive (BTW, it is a beetle and not a roach. THERE ARE NO ROACHES HERE! Or I would move. Roaches are a huge phobia for me.)

Eggnog Latte Count - 17 (We're having the occasional two a days. I spent a lot of time in the car lately.)

Christmas Shopping - Soooooo not done.

I was really going to the bah humbug level, then I got cookies and now all is well with my world. People are so nice, really they are! And BMC is a KickAssRockingChick and she has my adoration! I wish for you all a lovely surprise in the mail and a wonderful week!


greensunflower said...

i was eating egg nog lattes like crazy, then I realized you can mix Chivas with egg nog at home over ice and it is even more tasty

bitemycookie said...

i just wondered below about the bug. glad you got the cooks. hope you get it all done before the grains of sand run out on 2005. tick tock.

Tweets said...

OMG. Seriously, Christmas is a week away! The Hell? Is it bad that every time I go shopping for Christmas presents I end up going home with more stuff for me?

Didn't think so!

And when that bug kicks the bucket you're inviting us all to the wake, right?

crazyvirgo said...

i know you're the mother of the year, so it's hard to think about slowing down, but SLOW DOWN. SMELL THE EVERGREEN!!!!! lay on your couch with an eggnog latte on ice with chivas and listen to old christmas tunes. seriously... i almost went into cardiac arrest when i read this post.

Shopping Diva said...

Aw Virgo! You are the sweetest! I am so not mother of the year. And the chivas is tempting, but I am one of those sad, sad lightweights who can't hold her liquor! I wish I could! I could use a drink every once in a while!

mabel said...

Does Bugalou have a stocking yet? Stop buying stuff for my kids (although I love you for it!) and sloooooowwwww down! I love you, I want you to have a PEACEFUL Christmas woman!