18 October 2005

Such a busy chick!

I admit I am a follower. I went to You can't make this stuff up today to check in on Marit's adventures and she had done this. So, of course, I had to go to Googlism immediately to check out my name....

Apparently I am a porn star

gina is a 8thstreetlatina trying to f*** her way into america si, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - and do it a lot!

gina is standing in the doggy style pose and laura is ******* her just part of the "get into America" plan.

gina is f****** for a better life is that what I'm doing? I thought I was just married.

gina is pregnant no, that ship has sailed far, far away

gina is incredibly cute yup, that one's true

gina is gorgeous it's like they KNOW me!

gina is hard at work recording her demo album under the vision of producers I will premiere the video here next spring

gina is the biggest f****** bitch ever omg! they really do know me!

gina is a miracle I know you all feel that way!

gina is to communicate with an external device such as a smart now we're back to the "get into America" plan

gina is so wise; i have to listen carefully to catch her thickened speech isn't everyone smarter when they are smashed? I think so!

gina is naive and new in town finally, I made it to America, I am tired and sore.

gina is a usdf certified instructor and currently has 16 horses and their owners in training at the farm and her day is rounded out with about 10 additional and utilizing my skills here

gina is developing a clear sense of who she is and how to use her creative powers with the greatest efficiency I make sure all of my porn movies have a fully developed story line and I get them shot in one day.

gina is currently working in the active rehabilitation of repetitive overuse injuries in the porn industry that's called multi-tasking

gina is to return to bali for a show at the hard rock hotel later this year after my studio work is done

gina is available for private consultations and telepathic communication sessions by phone it's like I know YOU

gina is licensed to practice law in massachusetts and the district of columbia I am a smart porn star - just protecting my interests

gina is going to raise her eyebrow when acting the ultimate porn trick

Now go googlism yourself and see how busy you are!


Mabel said...

I just love you! How ever do you find the time to blog? I googlism-ed myself and am not nearly so inspired! You go girl! Oh, and hey, welcome to America!

Marit said...

marit is a cop; she's quick to land one on your jaw with her pistol if you talk out of turn

Heidi said...

HAHAHAHAHA Can't WAIT to see what I am but, the names Heidi...if it's not a poodle or a porn star, I'll be amazed.