31 October 2005

Halloween Festivis Recap

Halloween and all of the crap that goes with it is finally over. It's funny how I used to look forward to the parties and fun. Now it's always a gigantic planning odyssey. Ugh!

Fall Fest was great for the kids. Most of the parents stood around in little groups bitching about how bad off the school was and gossiping about who was leaving. The auction projects came out well - thank the Lord! I managed to get the auction done, run the Kindergarten games and not throw up. Always a good thing.

Here are a couple of the auction thingies I got done. Now - please understand that the goal is to have the kids on there somehow. Preschool is hard because they are like grabbing a chicken to get something done and the Kindergartners are not much better, but they can write their name. So please, super ubber hip chicks - no mocking. If and when you decide to have children and they get into school there will be many auctions and fundraisers that you will be just as wacky about as I am. And when you get there, you will have my pity.

The moms who are already there understand the fingerprint process. In, out, relatively painless. Throw on some details at home and you're good to go. The grandparents always eat this junk up!

I did find out something deep about myself on Saturday. During the Fall Fest, not one, not two, but FOUR people didn't know who I was. The reason? I wasn't wearing a hat. Isn't that pathetic? I am always in sweats and a baseball hat. I don't wear makeup very often. Honestly it's not a "awww - isn't she a sad freak woman" thing. It's just that I work at home. Half of the time I am painting something or making pottery. So I don't see the need to wear makeup if I am in my "work" clothes. I can fix my hair, but I hate it in my face so I wear the hat to keep it out of my face and to keep paint out of it. I do go to school from time to time with my hair fixed and makeup on. But apparently, not often enough. I really didn't think it made that much of a difference in the ability to recognize me. Gawd, some of these people.

I can dress up if I feel compelled to. I just don't that often. And yes Crazy Virgo (I'm so sorry about Molly!) - I occasionally wear sweater sets. They are required at Tea Socials. So here is a picture of me with my son. I am wearing makeup and I bothered to fix my hair. Apparently this is a rare thing so I am posting this as proof that it can happen. It is highly likely that if I ever meet or run into any of you that I will be in sweats and have a hat on. Probably the pink Oklahoma State one. That Mabel bought me.

Sunday (back in my hat) we made the DOH! move and took the kids to trick or treat at the Zoo. We had our three plus three more. Six kids to keep track of in the middle of 13,000 people. Yup, 13,000 people. That had to be one of the stupidest things we have ever done. Of course the kids had a great time.

Today my two youngest went trick or treating in a large office building next to their school. And tonight we went through our favorite neighborhood. We have so much crap. Bags and bags of crap.

Now that everyone is asleep I am going to go through it all and get all of the Snickers bars. Tomorrow I get to enjoy taking down all of the Halloween decorations. Which will force me to dust - not my favorite thing. I will be wearing the hat.


crazyvirgo said...

Dammmnnnn gina (bet you've never heard that one before), you sure know how to set a girl, and her sweater set, in place. this pic is cute as a button. quite a stylish lady, you are, i must say. and although i do most often sleep, clean and grocery shop in my Blahniks, i agree with you that the sweats route, if acceptable at work, would be my dress code of choice.

i adore make-up and all that biz, but i'm horrible at it. i don't have the patience to do my hair longer than 10 minutes, so that limits (or develops, depending on your opinion) my creativity.

goddes love work at home. i wait for the day that i can sit in my cozy robe all day. Yes, gina, i'm jealous and green with envy of your constant causal fridays.

Jan Buckman said...

It's so nice to see a photo of you! You look great! The pottery is adorable, you won't get any mockery from me. You are very talented! I don't even own makeup. But, I don't own a baseball hat either...

Glad your Halloween was such a success. I just don't know where you find the energy!

mabel said...

SEE!!! I told you all she was amazingly talented! One of the jars went for over $300, OMG! The school should kiss her ass! They are too stupid to really get that they will be losing an AWESOME resource when she pulls her kiddos.
Wow. Just think, she does all this and without drugs...

heidi said...

How cute you are! Probably even cuter in the hat. Thanks Gawd those people didn't recognize you, otherwise they'd be gossiping abouthow you're going to Dallas. And if they said one negative thing about that beautiful pottery, I'll pull out a can o' whoopass on their asses!

How 'bout one of those bowlish plate things gorwn ups use for serving stuff at parties? And send me your kids names!

Fiona said...

hello gina *S* visiting from a link on heidi's site....

i just wanted to tell you that your jars are awesome!!! i'd totally buy one...you are very talented


RBrown said...

See, when I said your jars would be good, I had no idea you were a PROFESSIONAL POTTER for christ's sake! Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

And look at you - I mean, I have no idea what you look like w/o makeup and with hat but you look great here. If the other mothers are talking about you it's because they baked up some lame, lopsided ashtrays in their kiln (that's what I'd do, I'm sure) and they spent at least 4 hours styling to look like they've done nothing to themselves only to look....normal. And then you waltz in with your fancy jars, good-looking (and I'm sure) well-mannered kids looking like a million bucks. I'd talk shit about you too, you whore.

crazyvirgo said...

no joke, you threw those pots yourself? hello demi moore.

trisha said...

Seriously, gorgeous!!!!

The pots are nice, too.