20 October 2005

Buzzy's Adventure

Each child in my son's Kindergarten class gets to spend a week with Buzzy the Bear. Each child is supposed to do something with the bear, take pictures doing stuff with the bear, and then record all of this in Buzzy's Journal. What I love about these cute little assignments is the fact that they cannot be done by the child. So this is actually an assignment for me. Yea. I don't have enough to do anyway - why not!

The 10 year old had no interest in helping. Ms. P. jumped all over helping Saw and away we went. Thank goodness no one had thought of going to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art yet. So that is where Buzzy's Adventures begin.

We bebop on in to the museum. We have a membership so I thought we could just slip in really fast, get this done, and move on. I went on this little jaunt dressed in sweats, no make-up on, wearing a ball hat - my loveliest, let me tell ya.

As we walk in I am horrified to see that a swanky reception is going on in the lobby. I was severely under dressed. And I was dragging two kids with me - the latest in Fall Accessories. Oh well. I get permission from all of the powers that be at the front desk to take pictures in the museum. We can take flash photos in front of the Chihuly glass pieces.

So here is Buzzy's first photo in the museum. Keep in mind that standing behind me as I shoot this photo are about 200 very well dressed people drinking cocktails. I didn't feel conspicuous at all! The Chihuly Tower behind the kids is awe inspiring in person. The museum was designed around it.

Interesting side note: DO NOT let your child put their fingers in the water (even a little bit!) around the base of the Tower. It has chemicals in it to keep it clear and pretty and it makes the two museum security people sitting at their little swanky desk up front flip out! They will give you a detailed explanation about this happily in front of two hundred well dressed people that includes looks of disdain and finger pointing. I think the feeling of "why can't you control your children" was just a freebie they threw in. I wanted one more shot, check out how Saw is NOT putting his fingers in the water and keeping a smart eye on the museum security people.

After that fun little interlude I practically threw the kids in the elevator to go upstairs. Here is Buzzy in a swanky museum elevator.

It is really hard to appreciate how beyond amazing the Chihuly glass pieces are. The pictures just don't do it. But Buzzy did get to see them in person. Now in this shot there is an adorable little man in a Blue Museum Blazer standing behind me making sure I take the picture correctly. Full service is our museum's middle name!

This is in the hallway in the middle of the exhibit and the ceiling is full of glass pieces. It is soooo cool!

After this I thought Buzzy could go to the new library across the street. So we got to walk through 200 well dressed people one more time. This time I run into a lovely woman I know and got to chat among the two hundred well dressed people with two children who were ready to go to the library.

Good times.

The Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library is gorgeous and Buzzy was very excited. Here they are out in front after our harrowing adventure crossing the street.

Finally we made it inside and Buzzy got to see the amazing Children's Library. We just love this place. I think the kids took all of the summer classes this year.

Buzzy was only allowed to check out two books this time. He decided to take his time.

After a while, I got tired of the book searching and decided we should go home and eat some dinner. In a lame attempt to fill up our share of the book I took this picture with the VERY NICE Officer Perry. This cracked up our daughter Peri and she thought it was cool that she had the same name as a POLICE MAN!

I hope this is enough work for Saw to do! And I hope Mrs. G. thinks he did a good job.


Heidi said...

Wow they ARE beautiful...and the glass is nice too!

Shopping Diva said...

Thanks! I have decided to keep them.

countrymom3 said...

The glass art is gorgeous. And I remember doing a very similar project with my kids and a stuffed animal too !

Jan Buckman said...

Very enjoyable photos! The museum is amazing. Sorry you had to do all the work but it did look somewhat like fun.