20 November 2006

Who said all of those crazy people could come to my house?!?

Oh, yeah.

That was me.

What was I thinking having the family come to my house for Thanksgiving? Obviously I wasn't. Or I would be packing my bags to go to Mexico. Like my asshole darling brother is. BTW Jason, don't forget my magnet! And I hope you have a miserable time and hate every minute of your Mexican trip that you are taking to avoid the family drama lovely trip! {{ miss you!}}

I have a 20 pound dead bird in my refrigerator.

And THAT is considered normal.


BlogWhore said...

A dead bird? Weird!

Gina said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Gina!

Pendullum said...

Howdid it go?
and did you get the magnet?????

Eunice said...

as much as I enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I don't think that I will ever volunteer to have more than four extra people in my house to enjoy it.