07 August 2006

Mike Rowe LOVES me

I have to confess something. I am having an affair. Of course, it's all in my mind.

In my wacky world, where the sky is perfectly pink all of the time, Mike Rowe thinks I am fabulous. He can't wait to ask me how my day was. He always notices when I do something to my hair. He looks forward to cooking culinary delights while reading Jane Austen aloud to me in that husky man voice he has. He frets about my angst over Mr. Darcy. Mike always wants everything to be perfect, and he always wants it to be so FOR ME!

Godiva Hazelnut Shells? He never forgets to pick them up. The perfect bouquet of salmon pink roses, peonies, and tulips? He picks the stems out himself to insure my satisfaction. A perfectly inspired love note? He leaves me one every day. Arguments? Never! He knows I am always right.

He is just so....wonderful.

He really is a lovely celebrity boyfriend.

Which means I can NEVER meet him.

The real Mike Rowe is probably a very nice person. I don't really know anything about him. He might be a complete slob like my husband. He might have serious issues with important dates like my husband. He might hog the remote like my husband.

Mike might be just like my husband in real life. So what would be the point?

My Mike is fabulous. If Mike is also your celebrity boyfriend, I am sure your version is lovely as well. There are plenty of Mikes to go around. I do have to thank everyone who stops by looking for Mike. It's nice to meet you. Mike is the number one referrer to my blog.

See how he takes care of me?

I do enjoy my celebrity boyfriends. You can't do that whole perfect life thing with real people. Hot guys you know in real life invariably do something to burst the bubble. It never fails.

The only exception are firefighters.

Aaaaahhh, firefighters!

That's a whole other post.


heidi said...

What a guy. He called to tell me he is SO lucky to have you! Ya'll will be doubling with me and Piven next week.

Gina said...

Gina! So good to see you!

Listen, my dad is very good buddies with a very hot and single fireman.

He is a complete chauvinistic, womanizing ass.

Even saving people's lives on a daily basis (he's a paramedic) can't redeem him!

Chrissy said...

I love Mike but,I can't believe the stuff he does (I wouldn't want to be the one doing his laundry). His voice is just so soothing.

Philip said...

Which celeb boyfriend did you dump to take up with Mike?

Faerie Rebecca said...

My celebrity boyfriend is Colin Firth. I have my TiVo set to auto-record everything he's in. :::sigh::: He has that dreamy accent, knows every line of Pride and Prejudice, and (if his character in Bridget Jones's Diary is any indication) is OK with gals who are a bit wacky.

My husband knows he's just a, "Hello" away from being my ex-husband. Thus, he will never take me to England again.

Anonymous said...

well mike is also my celebrity boyfriend.. he is just so hot and SOOO handsome. he never forgets my birthday. and always gets me gifts for well...just because. he picks up his clothes(when he spends the night):) and puts them in the hamper. and we go on picnics and outings and well i know i will never meet him as well but hey a girl can dream.(buzzer) damn it i have to wake up! -brooklyn

Anonymous said...

well mike is also my celebrity boyfriend.. he is just so hot and SOOO handsome. he never forgets my birthday. and always gets me gifts for well...just because. he picks up his clothes(when he spends the night):) and puts them in the hamper. and we go on picnics and outings and well i know i will never meet him as well but hey a girl can dream.(buzzer) damn it i have to wake up! -brooklyn

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only 'crazy' woman on the net. My celebrity boyfriend for the last 7 years has been Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Life in fantasyland is so much nicer than reality. Dream on, girls!

Grace said...

Wow! I didn't think Mike was so popular! But, he should be! He really should be! Every girl loves a dirty man!lol

I adore Mike! I'm a Baltimore girl and he's a Baltimore guy! We even graduated from the same university here in Maryland, but not in the same class of course...I don't know Mike despite him being a hometown boy.:-(

And do you know what I like most about "Dirty Jobs?" The frequent amount of time Mike spends with his shirt off! Don't you just want a hug from that hunky, hairy chested, dirty boy?

And what do Mike and I occupy our time with in my mind...well, that I can write here, anyway?;-) We spend a lot time running around Federal Hill and the Inner Harbor here in Baltimore, and having lunch at Phillips and then it's back home for long, hot shower...and stuff.;-)

Stacy said...

I can't lie. Mike Rowe brought me here, too. What a lovely, lovely manly man.

Anonymous said...

oh, what a fantasy man-whore Mike is! and he had promised himself only to me...But, there seems to be enough fantasies going round to keep us all satisfied, so like we were taught as children, we will share! I think my hubby is catching on to Mike and I though---he has begun to refuse to watch dirty jobs with me...jealous of a fantasy...funny, I never refused to watch Rene Russo films with him, although I knew they were a thing...or Jennifer Gardner...or wait, back to Mike...I will get a job on Dirty Jobs so I can get dirty with him for real...(now that's fantasizing!)

Anonymous said...

WOW Mike is sure working overtime in all our fantasies! Aww but he's UP to it. Yep Mike Rowe is my celebrity boyfriend too! He's the boyfriend that doesn't mind taking out the trash either. Oh and he always remembers my birthday, our anniversary (will be one year soon) and hands me the charge card and tells me go sweetheart and spend...oh and he just loves, loves, loves to cuddle and hold my hand. Yeppers it's wonderful here in my bubble world.

Anonymous said...

I am a 25 year old guy posting on some random person's blog only because she is writing about quite possibly the most amazing person to ever walk Earth: Mike Rowe. If I were a woman, or gay I would definitely be head over heels in love with Mike. But, I am not a woman, nor am I gay, so instead I will say he is my hero. I too have Maryland roots and was shocked to learn that Mike is a Marylander himself! No wonder he such an amazing guy! :-P

I wish Mike Rowe runs for president of the United States. Only then will balance be returned to the world.

-The "V" man

Anonymous said...

MIKE ROWE IS HOT! Have you seen the site http://www.mikeroweforpresident.com ?

Anonymous said...

My celebrity boyfriend is Hugh Laurie....but I'm currently cheating on him with Mike Rowe since House is on summer hiatus.

Naughty girl. But it's fun. :)

D.....the snake charmer said...


Greetings from the San Francisco bay area. I as you, have loved Mike Rowe for quite sometime. I have been wishing one day to meet him on the streets of San Francisco. What would otherwise seem an impossible chance, I felt was possible after watching one of Dirty Jobs episodes where Mike was in a hot tub. I immediatley realized he was in SF...hence the wish...well on Friday 8/10 it happened...there he was..oh my god.. I barked from my car..hey you..I wanna talk to you..he abliged and we chatted for several minutes..mmm he's so so handsome! & sweet...It was one of the most memorable 5 mins of my life thus far...had to share it with you..

Happy Parenting!


Anonymous said...

I agree Mike Rowe is something, he has a great personality! Totally sarcastic and very bright-he does not look to bad either! My comment is about the firefighters- I have been married to a fighter fighter for 12 years. Short tempers, bad language and insults are how a firehouse runs and they do not just chuck it at the door when they come home tired and cranky from running calls 24 hours at a time. Trust me - leave the fire fighter in fantasy land, they are much easier to deal with and you can put them away when you are done!

Goldie said...

I think a lot about Mike's appeal. I know I just love him to pieces.. What I like about him is he seems so approachable. Just a regular old guy. I dream of intelligent and very funny late night conversations (peppered with other "stuff" as Grace so eloquently put it), and of course falling asleep on that expanse of beautiful manly chest lightly covered with what looks like heather soft downy hair. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Mike is not my boyfriend but my husband(sigh)only in fantasy though. anyways Mike and I got married when I truned 16 and we've had a wonderful first year. Mike is a wonderful man but like any other man he has his man ways that can drive you nuts sometimes, but it makes me even more crazy about him. well its time for me to go get some things at the store for supper before Mike gets home.
later ladies,
(sorta lol)

Anonymous said...

HI. Mi mayor sueño es conocer a mike rowe. soy una latina que enloquece por él, es tan sexy en su dirty job. Si existe un fans club me encantaria incluirme. Me encanta su buen humor y para nada aburrido.
I love you MIKE ROWE

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike Rowe!
I have a *very* dirty job for you...;)

I am so happy to see others obsessed with him! I just started watching because my 7-year-old son and my huz are riveted by the ickyness. So, I sat down to watch with them...

and found myself riveted too, but not for the same reasons...

Yeah, Mike's my new pretend boyfriend, for mostly the same reasons I love my huz: he's hilarious, respectful and fun to be around. So, my huz is okay with that!

Thanks for posting!

jocelyn said...

OMG - I just wrote a blog about Mike Rowe. Seems he's doing a lot of dirty things to respectable women. Great Blog!