08 November 2005

I paint, therefore I avoid my crazy family

I am using the excuse of having too many projects to avoid having Thanksgiving Dinner at my house this year. I had it last year, I should be off the hook for at least three years. I have too much stuff to paint to clean up everything and have all of those cranky people here. I know that I am not the only person to have relatives that are INSANE, but when they're at my house, it feels that way. I could go on and on, but I will save it for right after the holiday so that I can bitch about current events.

I have been trying to catch up on my pottery. I usually have stuff listed on eBay and do a couple of shows, but that hasn't quite worked out this Fall. I need to get organized! I have slacked off on all of my projects. I am going to do better and get all of this stuff done before Christmas. Oh, or maybe right after Christmas so I don't have to have that here either!

Earlier I was showing off my class project handywork. I didn't throw those jars. I would love to take that kind of credit but I don't have time to throw right now. Those jars are just that plain bisque like you would paint at those paint-it-yourself places. Any of you could do it! Kid's fingerprints always make them precious.

Maybe later I will get a wheel and start doing that again, but right now I just use my slab roller. I use hump and slump molds to make my platters and bowls. A couple of years ago I started making hearts for my friends and they have taken off. I make lots of those now. I have a bunch I need to get painted and fired in my dining room right now. I love making them. They are my therapy along with my daily call to Mabel. They are like a magic 8 ball. If you are down and you need a pick-me-up you just reach into a bowl of these and pick one out. If you would like your own set of hearts just email me your address and I will send you some. It's the least I can do for all of my 12 readers!

This is what I do actually make myself:

I love polka dots and stripes - it's a personality flaw - I know! I have done a few weddings lately. These are some favors I did for a wedding last June...

Heidi, email me the colors you like and I will whip up some hip stuff - nothing foofy. I will make more big pieces this weekend. I don't have anything left to take pictures of. Yea, I'll spend Thanksgiving making dishes. That would be lovely!

In the earlier post I ranted about some of the moms up school. I did want to say that there are only three that irk me to no end because they are a little pack of arrogant wenches. They don't do anything, they just have an opinion about those who do. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you are helping, you can have an opinion. If you don't do anything but show up, then keep your mouth shut about how things were done. Telling me or the other moms who spent all day up at school getting stuff ready for an event how we could have done it better will only make me want to throttle you.

Most of the moms are great. We have a lot of parent participation, even with all of the drama going on up there. There are the typical ones that are too busy to be bothered - both working and SAH. The only working moms that piss me off are the ones that assume I am not doing anything all day because I don't go to an office. I have a great respect for the working moms who also show up at school. I wanted to clarify that, Crouching Mommy has some moms that irk her, too. After reading her post I am proud to say that I do not own any seasonal vests, I can't speak for Mable though.


Heidi said...

Making them is better than washing them honeypie! Good for you for not feeling obligated. I often realize that being single leaves me a lot less obligated around the holidays.

I'll email you directly about the pieces. You're the woman. Paint paint paint, it's good for our crafty souls!

RBrown said...

My mom's been telling me for years "I can't wait til YOU have a family and a home of your own, then YOU get to host all these fricking holidays". God bless her, seems she'll be waiting for a while but WHEW....good to be off the hook. Go out, let someone else cook for you. You deserve it.

PS - i want a heart! And I'll pay! but only if you have time...post me, sister and let me know.

RBrown said...
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crazyvirgo said...

mmm, then you get to sit back , drink wine, and not worry about getting too drunk to forget all the pies in the oven and they overbake and spill on to the bottom of the oven causing a small fire....
well anyway, you get to enjoy it. may i suggest a nice pinot for you.
have fun.

oh, and you're pottery is gorgeous. wish i had a disposable income to partake, you talented momma you.

RBrown said...

Sorry to do this, I'm cheating the system (and Gina) but Mabel, girl, I can't post on your blog! This makes me sad! So much to say!

And by the way, both of you fall into the MILF category (not that I'm a MILFer, mind you...I'm a big ole fan of the man but you know what I mean) and all of your collective kiddies are a-fricking-dorable!

Glad I found 2 cool chicks at the blogging lunch table!

bitemycookie said...

1. come to my house for thanksgobble and spend it making fun of my crazy family

2. i love all those little hearts and whatnot. the wedding favor idea is genius.

3. dead serial about the TG invite.

cmhl said...

hey, thanks for the shout-out!

and I LOVE your pottery stuff, it looks great!!!!

I wish I could do handwriting like that (that sentence made me sound like an idiot, but I couldn't figure out a good way to rephrase it). Not matter how I try to do "interesting" writing, it always looks pretty much the same. haha.

Nicole said...

you should make lightswitch plate covers. . .