04 May 2010

You can't make this up

Things said to me recently:

I was looking for you on Facebook. I thought I found you, but the profile picture was too pretty. Was that you? I want to friend you.

Wow! I go away for two weeks and come back and you look SO skinny! I can tell you've lost weight. Isn't it sad that the boobs are the first thing to go?

Some random chick at Panera Bread: Hi, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with your friend about weight, I happen to sell a product that can help you with your weight loss. It's all natural! Me: Oh, really, how much weight have you lost on it? Srcapb: Oh *smirk*, I've never needed to lose weight. Me: Oh, I don't use all natural products.

Things said about me recently:

Really cute single guy friend of a friend: Your friend Gina is hilarious! She's smart and cute! I need you find me the 30 year old version of her. (And this guy is OLDER than me.)


Gina said...

WTF is with some people?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the skinny bitch that sells weight loss products.