14 February 2006

Happy full of love day

I really hope you are enjoying a lovely Valentine's Day! If you aren't, I'm sorry! And that person you think you should be spending this evening with is a complete jerk - and you deserve so much better!

I am having a fine day. My husband is doing his thing down in Dallas, so I am off the hook as far as looking presentable (Love you honey! Mean it!). Last year, I had to tag team doing all three kid's parties at school, which made me insane. This year I only had to worry about one. So it's been a laid-back day.

I have done some reflecting lately. The other day I turned 39 (thanks for all of the nice birthday shout-outs!) so I have thought about how happy I am to still be alive. Yay! And today I watched people driving around with bunches of balloons or flowers in their cars which just reminded me of Valentine's past.

I usually ended up being pissy about Valentine's because it is so close to my birthday. Almost every guy I have ever dated at this time of year combined the two. Even a couple of long-term ones. What a bunch of cheapasses! One of the reasons I married my husband was because he got me a birthday present and took me out for my birthday, and then send me a ginormous basket of flowers for our first Valentine's Day. Huge points!

It's funny how things change. Years ago, it was such a big deal to me to have the guy I was dating go all out, but now my priorities are so different. I get the best valentines ever from my kids.

That beats jewelry EVERY time!


Jaime Schwarz said...

Ok sure, valentines from the kids beats jewelry from the husband. But what about valentines jewelry from the kids? That's just got to be the ultimate right? Never mind how they got it though, just smile and thank them.

Jan Buckman said...

Happy birthday, Gina!

mabel said...

Shame on you Jaime for encouraging theft! My 10 year old would be so all over that...What stores would you suggest?

What a sweet poem! Hug him twice and kiss him on the head from Auntie Mabel. I got an obi-wan valentine and a bunnie valentine...plus a little box of nerds candy. My life is complete!

Gina said...

Awwww, that DOES look like it would beat jewelry hands down!

And, for the upcoming birthday, happy birthday!

I agree with you, not cool to combine b-day with V-day.

RBrown said...

hey, did i miss your b-day??? tell us all when to celebrate!