24 March 2010

Some housecleaning

I'm straightening up things in my life. It's less than exciting. I'm having some fun resurrecting this little blog, though! I gotta figure out a logo. I haven't been here for a while. It's kinda like sticking something up in the attic and forgetting about it. Then you bring it back down, dust it off, and want to have it around again.

I know I'm weird.

We'll see if this works. Sometimes things seem like a good idea, like eating at Taco Bueno or getting married, but then it turns ugly and ends up biting you on the ass.

One thing I need to update is my old blogroll. A lot of the blogs on there have gone away. So sad. Some of of them were really, really good. I chatted with every one of the writers. There are lots of cranky people in the world! The blogs listed here are all so lovely. And I deleted some. High end Mommy Bloggers irk me.

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As I start chatting with people again, they might get moved over to the new roll. If you want to trade links, write me! Am I a link whore? Oh. Yeah.

23 March 2010

Why Hello There

What's up with this? If you've run across this cute little blog and wonder what the hell is up with the old and new posts, please let me explain.

Oh, and welcome!

I am Gina. The Gina blog started out as a "mommy blog" and evolved into one big bitchfest. I actually wrote a lot more than you see here, but I deleted the monotonous stuff and kept some funny things. I made the mistake of trying to put a muzzle on what I felt like I wanted to write because nice mommy bloggers don't fucking scream about how stupid most people are. They talk about nice things.

I'm not really that nice.

Then I felt like I couldn't show off my art stuff and be so fucking bitchy. I was admonished a couple of times to quit the language. bleh.

Well, frankly, I can't. I bitch. That's me. Most of the time, I can be funny about it. And, sometimes, not. I also noticed I wasn't having fun with it anymore. So I shelved the gina blog.

I noticed that I missed it. I have a lot of interesting things going on that I want to bitch about. I don't want to do it on my other sites because I am going to make a living with those. Believe me, I'm not that employable, so I need them. Check them out. Buy something.

I spent the last few years trying to make a good life.

I have FINALLY figured out that I should just live one.

So here we are.

I'm going to enjoy this.

If you don't like the way I'm doing it, buh by.